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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Year 8's Showing Community Value

While the Year 7's were away on camp the Year 8's demonstrated our value of Community around Oaklands School.
The students collected seeds from the food forest with the Year 4 students. This is the end of the plant cycle in the food forest and the seeds will be stored ready for planting next year.

One group of Year 8's also had to build a chicken tractor using the materials supplied. There was some great problem solving and discussions as they worked out the best way. 

Students also spent time in the Junior Classes supporting the learning of the Year 0/1's. Our Year 8's helped with individual readings, created blog posts, taught juniors new games and demonstrated Excellence in everything they did. A particular focus was the Playground values which  is our school wide focus this week.
Finally our Year 8's harvested our maize maze and tidied up this area of the school.
The Year 8's have blogged about what they did and how they felt about.
One comment made was " I really enjoyed helping the juniors. It made me feel good to help"

The Year 8 students have worked hard over the 3 days. Thanks for all your help.

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