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Thursday, 17 March 2016


The compost bins have been the bane of my gardening existence... So much fruit is put into them that last year we had a horrible fruit sludge instead of compost.

This year we have made some changes... firstly we have our class compost monitors who know what goes into the bins. They remove any rubbish from the class bin before it gets to the compost area. They also put a couple of handfuls of bark in with the food scraps. This gives the compost some fibre and lets air move around. There is a sign which tells the students which bin to put the scraps in.

The students are very proud of this job. I had a student tell me today that they are finding some rubbish in the class bin, they have told their teacher but the teacher hasn't told the class yet... 
We have also just appointed 2 seniors who will be our compost kings. They are going to keep the bark containers full for us.

I have been turning the compost over and also covering it with black plastic. Looking under it there are a huge number of worms....

As a result of all these things we are actually starting to get some good looking compost coming through. It wont be long till we can start putting it on our vege garden.

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