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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pumpkin Fritters

We have been making pumpkin fritters for the last few weeks with the pumpkins we grew behind the boiler room. These have been shared with lots of different classes around the school... Its been so popular that we will share the recipe with you!!

Pumpkin and Spring Onion Fritters:

1.5   cups of self raising flour
.5 teaspoon curry powder
.5 teaspoon tumeric
.5 teaspoon salt

about 350 ml milk
2 eggs
grated pumpkin (about .5 cup)... I microwaved it a wee bit to make it easier to grate...
Spring onion chopped small...

Mix egg and milk... add dry ingredients and mix into batter... add a bit more milk if necessary to make a smooth batter.. add veges and mix... then fry...

When we go and share with a class we talk about what is in the fritters but also how to be respectful to the students that have cooked the food. The class also gets told that the cooks don't eat until after the class have eaten. This waiting to eat is an important discipline that is very hard especially when the food smells so good...

We talk about how to say "no thank you" if you don't want to or can't eat the food although we encourage students to at least try the cooking. We also discuss how to dispose of food if you really don't like it.

There was an awesome response from a students in Room 3 last week when asked how to get rid of food that you don't like. She said "the best thing to do would be to eat it anyway and then say no thanks to some more"... This is a student showing the Oaklands' CARE value of active thinking and respect.

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