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Monday, 16 March 2015

Miss Collin's class had fun in the sun - and the sprinkler!

Miss Collin's class had a wonderful time out in the garden last Friday afternoon. It was one of those rare Canterbury days, when it was stinking hot and there was very little wind. Usually the NE wind takes the edge off the temperatures. Miss Collins and her students enjoyed making new plants from old, and potting up the strawberry runners. By the end of it, we had 25 brand new plants which will be ready for filling in the gaps on our strawberry mound later in the year. As one of the students said "Who doesn't love strawberries? You can never have enough." Well said - I totally agree with you. They then cooled off in the garden sprinkler, and enjoyed a tomato to snack on, on their way back to class! What a great Friday afternoon.

Matt getting stuck into the potting mix 

Nice job Baxter

Great to see Niamh firming down her cuttings...
...and helping her classmates wash their hands

Danny concentrating hard


  1. Thanks Mrs Wood. We had such a great time!

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