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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Girlz Shed aka our chook house

As well as our Food Forest getting under way the men for the Halswell Menz Shed were beavering away on our super, duper chicken house and enclosure. 'The Girlz Shed' as I like to call it, is now in situ and we are awaiting the arrival of our girls. We are adopting Mrs Birdling's three birds, and once they get settled in we'll add another three ladies to the mix, and we'll have six super laying ladies. Yarek (from Room 1) and I gave the chook house it's first coat of paint last week. All we need to do now is add the top coat and the curtains and our new luxury pad will be finished. Does anyone fancy making us a set of curtains to add the finishing touches to the place?
The students are SUPER excited about the arrival of our chickens and I'm sure the Year 4's will do a fabulous job of feeding and caring for them. They'll be the best loved chickens in the world.
Des and Graham happy at work

The Girlz Shed looking pretty swish

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