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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Landscaping the Food Forest

A few of the Year 4's and I were busy last week in the Food Forest getting the landscaping of the paths done. The teams worked really hard filling in the gaps with soil and laying weed mat and wood chip. I was really impressed with the students work ethic and perseverance. Way to go Year 4's - great team work!
Micheal, Ollie and Edward from the Christchurch Horticultural Society came in late last week to lay the rest of the leaf mulch on the beds. Once that was done we were able to plant some spinach and silver beet for our chickens, They'll be able to see it from their enclosure but they can't get at it! Once it's got a bit bigger the Year 4's can start supplementing their diet with it.
It was great timing as everything was done in time for our visitors over our 50th Jubilee weekend.

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