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Monday, 24 March 2014

Taster # 2

This time it was Mr Forman's class to take their learning outside and take part in our second Garden to Table 'Taster' Session. It was a lovely sunny Autumn day and Room 5 were all eager to get busy in the garden. They'd come well prepared in sunhats, gumboots and wearing old tops.

We had one team working alongside the talented Scott Wilson, building our four bay composting system. They worked hard together and managed to get most of the composting system put together in a short space of time. Well done guys! Great team work.

We had another team led by Mischa's mum, Vanessa, who worked on landscaping the herb spiral. Thanks to this group and with the help of Mr. Ladbrooke's class it's nearly ready for the finishing touches. Once it's been shaped, tidied up and the last bit of weeding has been done it can put it in green crop for the winter, reading for digging in in the spring.

Our last team worked with Joel's mum, Kylie, planting out our first crops - lettuce, beetroot, radishes and carrots and some herbs - Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and Sage. We'll look forward to enjoying those in the coming weeks. To give the garden a splash of colour they also planted some Petunias and Pansies. 

After all our efforts in the garden it was off to the kitchen to make some Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. The students were busy chopping and grating, mixing and rolling. Here are a few photos of Room 5 in action. 

And enjoying the fruits of our labours.

Room 5 were eager to keep going, so we kept on rolling until every last bit of filling had been used and we'd ran out of rice paper rolls. At the end we had a Spring Roll mountain! We couldn't eat them all, so the surplus went off to the staff room and the staff had extra morning tea. I had lots of teachers commenting on how delicious the Spring Rolls were. You rocked it Room 5! - you did an awesome job and it was great to see how much you enjoyed your time in the garden.

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