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Monday, 17 March 2014

Our first 'taster' session.

We had a fab time the Friday before last, as we had our first 'taster' session in the garden and kitchen. The students had a ball landscaping the pile of soil that is going to become our herb spiral. Some students from Room 8 - 'The Muscle Team', as Miss O christened them, did some much needed weeding. The rest of the Room 8 kids and Room 16 students worked together to sieve and weed the soil. Here's a few photos of the team hard at it!

Once we'd tidied up and got cleaned up we heading off the kitchen to make flat-breads and dips. We made flat-Breads, Parsley Pesto, Beetroot Dip and Hummus - all from scratch. The students worked really well together and Room 8 students did a fantastic job of supporting our newest students. Once we'd prepared our lovely dips we headed back out to the garden to share the meal together. 

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