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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Welcome back to 2015

Thank you to everyone that helped out in any way over the summer months. I know there were lots of people coming into school watering and keeping an eye on things. It is great to see our gardens looking so healthy after a very dry summer holiday, and I hope those of you that helped enjoyed some lovely produce from the garden.

Our Food Forest is looking particularly stunning at the moment and there is a wide variety of beautiful beneficial plants in full bloom.  It may look a bit overgrown and slightly unkempt,  but the mixture of flowers and plants are all there for a reason.  The beneficial seed blend was broadcast to create a habit for a wide range of insects and to help retain ground moisture, while our fruit trees and bushes become established.  The flowers and plants are there to encourage pollinating and predatory insects that will keep our food forest healthy and pest free.  These plants will be left to reseed and die back over the winter,  and the fruit trees will lose their leaves, but for now the Food Forest is putting on a great show, so if you don’t pass it (and the chooks) on your way to school I would highly recommend a detour to go and visit.

Our gardening and cooking sessions will continue this year and I am really looking forward to working with Year 8's this week. I have some great volunteers, who are super keen gardeners, but what I would really love is a passionate foodie to give me a hand. Parents, grandparents, friends - who doesn’t love food? I’m keen to have a great mix of people, and the food we make comes for all around the world. So if you have some free time and are happy to share ideas, recipes and perhaps lend a hand, please let me know. I can be contacted by email on or drop into the office, leave your name and I’ll contact you.

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