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Friday, 5 September 2014

Room 16 Bee-ing Awesome

Andrew's Mears from Mitre 10 MEGA Hornby and many others recently visited Room 16, to talk to our newest students, about bees. One of the students in the class got stung by a bee, and this sparked off lots of discussions about bees.
At the start of their learning many of the students were either scared, or disliked bee's because they sting. By the end of the unit, after learning a lot about the importance of bees, the students understand why bee's are important in our gardens, and they have developed a new appreciation of bees. They made honey sandwiches, planted bee friendly flowers in our gardens and learnt A LOT about bees.
Geoff Wallis, one of the teachers in Room 16, created a great video about the students' learning and he has entered it into a competition that is being run by the National Bee Keepers Association of New Zealand. There's great prizes to be won, so good luck Room 16! I think you did an awesome job.

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